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该奖以资助社会有益知识在中国大陆地区的传播为主旨。优秀提案可获得价值 2,000英镑的基金奖励及Emerald颁发的





“ Exploring the Use of Information Visualization for Library”

Jia Yang, Liang Zhao, Gesheng Song, Bin Zhao, Haiyan Zheng, Jingzhou Liu, Ying Li          


Shanghai Library


We are very honored to be awarded the 2015 Emerald Chinese LIS Research Fund Award and we would like to express our sincere gratitude to Emerald Group Publishing and the esteemed judging panel for choosing our research project as the winner. It is really a great encouragement for us to further complete our project. The Shanghai Library, serving as the main library of Shanghai Central Library System, technically oversees the consortium by the Integrated Library System and supports more than 250 branches. The number of circulation is steadily increasing for the last decade. Focusing on data analyzing and date mining in library service, we hope our research can help to deepen our understanding of innovative data service experiences in public library. This is a broad cross-section collaborated project, which could never be accomplished without the support and help from the leaders in the library and the colleagues in library consortium. Last but not the least, we would like to thank Emerald Chinese LIS Research Fund again for the Award acknowledging our work and for supporting us to continue this study.



“ A Demand and Feasibility Analysis of Making School Libraries Available to their Communities: Case of Guangzhou”

Jing Zhang, Jiaping Lin, Lin Lin, Wuyan Yao, Ying Zhang

Jiazhong Fang

Sun Yat-sen University

Guangzhou University

Changjun Yang 

Library of the Middle School Attached to Guangzhou University


I feel greatly honored that the proposal of our team was nominated as Highly Commended proposal of Emerald Award this year. In consideration of the resources of public libraries which are far insufficient to meet the social need, related regulations and policy started to encourage school libraries to provide public services and open to society. Whether and how to share the functions of public libraries, is a question worth exploring. Our study intended to conduct demand and feasibility analysis before practice and implementation. We thought it had both practical and theoretical significances. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.. Emerald Group provide a great platform for us to communicate with different outstanding peers. Moreover, please allow me to thank my team members. Thank Mr. Changjun Yang and Mr. Jiazhong Fang, they both gave us great ideas, suggestions and support on this project. Thank Jiaping Lin, Lin Lin, Ying Zhang and Wuyan Yao for doing so much in this proposal. This proposal could not be that well without anyone of you. Let’s share the award and honor together and make further effort to the research.



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