该奖以促进社会有益知识在中国大陆地区的传播为主旨。优秀提案可获得价值 2,000英镑的基金奖励,高度赞扬奖二个,每个提案获得价值500英镑基金支持。




“ CEO Mindset and Firm Coopetition Behaviors: The Moderating Roles of Institutional and Market Environments”

Wei Zheng, Weiguo Zhong, Jiangyong Lu

Peking University




We are really honored to be awarded the Emerald/IACMR Chinese Management Research Fund and sincerely to express our gratitude towards Emerald Group Publishing, IACMR and the esteemed judging panel for awarding us as the winner. Coopetition has become a growing phenomenon that has recently attracted the interest of researchers and practitioners, specifically under the trend of “Share Economy” in China. Our research contributes to fill the gap of investigation about coopetition under the specific context of China. From the micro-level perspective, factors of the leaders’ mindsets are incorporated together with strategic considerations for understanding coopetition and effect on firm’s performance outcomes, taking into consideration the dynamic nature of the institutional and market environments simultaneously. The generous funding from the Emerald/IACMR Chinese Management Research Fund is a great encouragement for us to complete our research project and lays the financial foundation for further work. Last but not least, we are very grateful for the great support from our university and colleagues.


“Revisiting Political Ties in China: A New Conceptualization”

Danxue Gao, Weiguo Zhong

Peking Universtiy

Tianzhen Tang

Nanjing Universtiy




We are highly honored to be awarded the 2015 Emerald/IACMR Chinese Management Research Fund, and we would like to express our sincere gratitude to Emerald Group Publishing, IACMR, and the selection committee whose decision to award us with the research fund has made the advancement of our enquiry into political embeddedness of Chinese firms possible. Our study aims to propose a novel approach in examining firms’ political ties, which is a research stream that has seen voluminous research efforts but puzzling results. By distinguishing formal and informal political ties on a variety of theoretical dimensions, as well as empirically exploring the comparative effects of these two types of ties on various firm outcomes in China, we seek to deepen our understanding of the nature and role of political ties, and reconcile previous conflicting findings. We are extremely grateful to the Emerald/IACMR Chinese Management Research Fund and Guanghua School of Management for funding and supporting us in our efforts to initiate a constructive dialogue on political connections in China.

“The performance implications of star employee: Individual and team level research”

Yahua Cai, Ho Kwong, Kwan, Erica Xu

Shanghai University of Finance & Economics



It is our great honor that our proposal was nominated as Highly Commended proposal and we received the 2015 Emerald/IACMR International Advanced Chinese Management Research Fund Award. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to Emerald Group Publishing, IACMR, and the selection committee. Our aim of this project is to explain star employees' performance implications at both individual and team levels. Star performers are usually conferred to high status and power, and firms tend to invest core resources and attention to star performers with the aspiration that stars will positively affect firm's performance, not only directly through their individual contributions, but also indirectly by providing knowledge spillover s that improve their colleagues' productivity. However, empirical findings lend no consistent support for this hypothesis. Our research plans to explore the core psychological mechanisms through which the presence of star employees will influence coworkers' and team's performance. In addition, using context-sensitive approach, our research will explore both context-specific and context-free contingencies which influence coworker's reactions to the star employees.  Finally, we are also indebted to the great support from the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.




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