该刊关注与全球管理相关的研究前沿、理论和实证研究,特别是那些对新观点进行跨层次(微观、中观、宏观)和跨学科调查研究的理论和实证类论文。Cross Cultural Management接收一切与国际商务相关的有益研究。

Cross Cultural Management       SSCI

ISSN: 1352-7606

2014 Impact Factor: 0.396 *

Online from: 1994

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The evolution of Hofstede's doctrine

Michael Minkov and Geert Hofstede

Volume: 18, Issue: 1, pp. 10-20

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The language barrier and its implications for HQ‐subsidiary relationships

Anne‐WilHarzing and Alan J. Feely

Volume: 15, Issue: 1, pp. 49-61

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Language management in multinational companies

Alan J. Feely and Anne‐WilHarzing

Volume: 10, Issue: 2, pp. 37-52

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Cultural distance asymmetry in expatriate adjustment

Jan Selmer, Randy K. Chiu and OdedShenkar

Volume: 14, Issue: 2, pp. 150-160

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A classification of Chinese culture

Ying Fan

Volume: 7, Issue: 2, pp. 3-10

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